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AP Essay Strategy

Thesis Questions for the Literary Essay

6 Traits

6 Traits II
Essay Outline and Lead-ins

Analytical Essay

Analytical Essay Assignment

Analyzing a Passage

Annotated Bib MLA


Power Packet

Essay Review

Basic Paragraph Structure

Constructing the Critical Essay

Criteria For Grading Essays

Friendly Letter Format

Grading Abbrevs

Grading Standards

Grading a Paragraph

Vary Sentence Structure and Beginnings

Major Errors

How to Integrate Quotations

How to Write a Critical Literary Essay

Independent Reading Assignment

Independent Reading Project

Integrating Quotes

Lit Analysis Essay Outline

300+ Ways to Say "Said"

Good Paragraph Writing Powerpoint

Peer Edit Sheet Lit Analysis

Persuasive Writing Tasks

Poe Dickinson Assignment

Prof. Picky Writing Eval

Questions to Help Evaluate Your Writing

Reaction Paper and Critical Review

Research Paper Assignment

Sample Lit Analysis Outline

Grammar Doc

Self-Editing Activity

Sentence Types and Patterns

MLA Style Guide

Take-Home Essay Question

Ten Questions to Ask Yourself

Thesis Paragraph Practice

Thesis Questions for the Lit Essay

Thesis Statements Powerpoint

Thesis Caveats and Examples

Thesis Progression

TONE Words AP Language

Tone Handout

Transition Words and Phrases

What is a Lit Analysis?
Personal Writing Rubric

Writing Papers of Literary Analysis

Writing Theme Statements

Writing the Litearary Analysis

Writing an Effective Summary


Sentence Combining for Variety

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