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The counselor serves as a resource for parents who may need:

· Information about developmental stages or needs of their children.

· Referral sources for in-depth family or individual counseling needs.

· Facilitation in communication with teacher or school staff.

· Books or reprinted articles to increase understanding of a school or family problem.

Parents may email for an appointment with the school counselor at any time.

A Word About Confidentiality…

Because the stories told by young children are unique, private and sensitive, students are instructed that they are confidential. Students will be encouraged to share their feelings about their situation or group experience with their families.

Children and parents need to know that anytime a child tells of danger to himself/herself, or others, the counselor is required to pass on that information to appropriate authorities or helping professionals.

The counselor is ethically bound to respect the confidentiality rule, but will be happy to discuss observations and opinions about the emotional state and/or needs of the child with his/her parents.