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US History Community Service Project

School Year 2021-2022

Community Service/Service Learning Component


 - All students enrolled in Themes of, College Prepartory, and Honors US History and sophomores in AP US History in school year 2021-2022 will be expected to complete a modified version of the US History Community Service project.  



  • Complete 10 hours of volunteer service with not more than 2 organizations by April 30, 2022 with an approved organization to effect positive change. 
  • Keep a record of your service hours using this Community Service Log.  (Any hours completed between 5/1/2021 and 4/30/2022 with an approved organization may be counted towards the requirement)
  • Complete this Community Service Reflection Assignment for each organization within 30 days of completion of the 10 hours (or, by September 30, 2021 for projects completed over the summer of 2021).
  • Submit your signed community service log and community service reflection assignment to your US History teacher according to the submission instructions that will be provided in the fall of 2021.  


Additional information:


What is "an approved organization"?

In order for their volunteering to satisfy the goals and objectives of the US History Community Service Project requirement, students MUST work with an approved organization.


Guidelines for an acceptable organization:


  • Students are strongly encouraged to work with 1 (one) organization, as we believe that contributes to a more meaningful experience.  School 2021-2022 modification:  You may work with up to two organizations without prior approval.  However, you will be expected to complete a reflection assignment for each organization.


We will accept a variety of activities and organizations as long as they meet the following criteria:


  • the activity promotes positive change in the community (as opposed to for the benefit of paying customers)

  • there is a clear supervisor who can verify a student’s efforts

  • the students are not paid for their efforts


Click here for a list of previously approved organizations with whom our students have worked to complete this requirement.  This is NOT an exhaustive list, and it is updated annually.  If you do not see an organization with whom you would like to work, please complete this REQUEST FOR PRE-APPROVAL GOOGLE FORM.  You DO NOT need to submit a request for pre-approval for any organization that is currently on the SY 2021-2022 approved organizations list.  If you do not have a reply within 7 days, please email the social studies supervisor, Jennifer Raphaels, at



Can students complete more than 10 hours?



The annual Ridge High School Community Service Awards recognize students who complete more than 100 hours of community service in a given year.  Please see the Ridge High School Community Service webpage for more information regarding these awards.  Hours that are used to complete the US History Community Service requirement may not be applied towards the Community Service awards.  However, any hours in excess of the 10 required  hours for the project may be applied to the award.


The US History Community Service Project

Click here for an overview of the community service requirement and a Community Service Project To Do list.


The following items/tasks must be completed in order for students to complete the community service requirement within their US History course.  All information about this requirement can be found at the links below.


  1. Approval of Organization.  If the organization is not already on the approved list (revised May 2, 2021), then submit a REQUEST FOR APPROVAL OF ORGANIZATION GOOGLE FORM.  You will receive an automated email with the decision.  Check your spam, and email me ( if you do not hear within one week of submission.
  2. Community Service Log.  To be signed by the adult supervisor who can verify your hours.  Submit this to your US History teacher upon completion of the Reflective Assignment.
  3. Community Service Reflective Assignment.  Submit this to your US History teacher with the Community Service Log.  Your US History teacher will provide you with submission instructions and due dates at the beginning of the school year.  Generally speaking, students who complete their hours over the summer are asked to submit their reflection assignment by September 30, and students who complete their hours during the school year are asked to submit their reflection within 30 days of completing their hours.  Community service hours should be completed by April 30, 2022.    


Links to each resource. 



Community Service Questions?


  • If you have questions about the required US History Community Service project, please contact the Social Studies Supervisor, Jennifer Raphaels (   Information about the project, including directions and resources, is provided below..  


  • If you have questions about the Ridge High School Community Service Awards, please contact Scott Graber, Assistant Principal, RHS (  Click here to visit the RHS Community Service webpage.