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The goal of the Bernards Township Social Studies program is to develop in our students the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind that will lead to their ability and desire to become thoughtful, reasoned and active participants in their communities.


Program Goals: K-12
Social Studies


  1. To develop an educational program that integrates subject knowledge and concepts, fundamental skills, and ideals of American society
  2. To foster in students an appreciation of and a commitment to basic ideals of American society
  3. To develop in students the ability and inclination to employ critical thinking and decision-making strategies
  4. To enable students to apply the social scientific method toward understanding personal-social experience
  5. To encourage students to actively participate in their society by exercising appropriate social-political participation skills
  6. To enable students to apply knowledge and concepts from history, geography, and the social sciences toward understanding personal-social experience
  7. To develop in students an understanding of the uniqueness and interdependence of regions and nations in a global age
  8. To foster in students a desire for continued learning