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Enchantee!  So nice to meet you!  It is my pleasure to teach and administer the French program at the Middle School.  Your children will be using an updated textbook, Discovering French  which presents an introduction to the French language and culture.

It is my hope that the students are not only communicative and appreciative of the target language, but they also develop opinions on world events in the French speaking world (Le Monde Francophone).  I do dedicate time every month to discuss world events and expect the students to develop an awareness of relevant topics through their "current events."

Other units include an exploration of the European Union, its implementation and usefulness in Europe.  The students will learn how to use a monetary conversion website and they will understand the choice of nationalistic symbols on the European coins.  The cafe unit includes an in depth exploration of French cuisine and the culinary world!  Students are encouraged to sample different French cheeses and some endeavor to recreate classic French recipes in their home kitchen!


Stay tuned for news on our upcoming field trip!

If you have any questions, kindly contact me via Email at:  It is difficult to reach me by phone.  I will respond to your Email in an appropriate and timely manner.



Warmest regards,


Sheryl Colligan,  M.Ed

World Language Department