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Students will receive approximately 2 hours of language arts instruction.  This time is divided into 4 components.  A brief description of each component is listed below.


Word Work:

The students will be using the Fundations  program during word work.  This program is phonics based and will allow students to gain an understanding on the fundamentals of words.  


Shared Reading:

 The first grade teachers developed units (referred to as protocols) for 32 books.  These protocols are the focus of shared reading.  Each protocol last approximately 5 days and consist of a daily plan using the same book each day.  The students practice several skills during shared reading, including but not limited to fluency, sight word recognition, text features, and comprehension. Each protocol is designed specifically with the CCCS in mind.  The students are assessed at the completion of each protocol.


Guided Reading:

This portion of the language arts block in highly differentiated to meet the students needs.  During guided reading students are grouped based on reading level, skills needed, and even interest level.  Students rotate through various centers practicing skills that touch on the phonics focus, comprehension skills, and writing.  All students meet with the teacher to work in a small group based on the needs of the student group.  Groups change frequently to ensure students receive the skills and support they need.



The first grade team uses Lucy Caulkins writing.   During the writing block, students will learn to express their ideas effectively in a variety of styles.  The students also learn the standard conventions used in writing.