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A Community of Learners


     The aim of the kindergarten program is to provide a developmentally appropriate, child-centered classroom. The classroom environment promotes active experiential learning in an atmosphere of caring and support. Children are supported as individual growth occurs in all areas of social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.
Topics in the curriculum are presented thematically. Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science concepts are integrated into each theme in ways that make learning an active and meaningful experience for each child. The daily schedule provides students with opportunities to participate in learning centers, whole and small group activities and project work. Cooperation and development of positive social skills are stressed, as we become a Community of Learners.

The following goals will be emphasized throughout the year.
¨ To establish a supportive environment designed to foster the development of good character. ¨ To teach academic skills through reading, writing, listening, speaking and viewing. ¨ To foster attitudes of inquiry, curiosity, and critical thinking in an atmosphere which invites hands on discovery, questions, problem solving, and discussions. ¨ To enhance cognitive abilities at an age appropriate level through thematic studies designed to be content rich with opportunities for learning across the curriculum. ¨ To provide opportunities for gross and fine motor development on a daily basis.¨ To establish a positive home-school connection and system for effective communication with parents. ¨ To maintain a stress free environment in which the children will not be fearful of mistakes and therefore will become risk takers.