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1.Word Muncher
Decorate a small flip-top trashcan or empty Kleenex box to look like a friendly monster. Have your child take turns reading a word card and letting the muncher gobble it up!




2. Take Away

Place four to six sight words cards in a pocket chart. Read through each card with your child. Then begin taking away one card at a time and having your child guess which card has been taken away.



3. Shout and Spell

You and your child sit in chairs in the front of the room. Have your child jump up and shout the initial sound of a sight word. Next you jump and shout the rest of the word. Then together, shout the whole word.



4. Shoo Fly!

Place several words on a mat. Have your child work together with you to show a card and use a flyswatter to “swat” the word on the placemat.