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SNACK - This year our lunch will be from 1:00 - 1:50 p.m.  Your child may bring in a HEALTHY snack to eat mid-morning. The snack must be one that can be eaten while your child is working and should not be one that needs spoons, forks, etc. Pretzels, a piece of fruit or a couple of crackers would be great! Drinks are not needed as we have a water fountain in the classroom. Thank you in advance for keeping the snacks healthy, easy, and quick!




NEW THIS YEAR! Due to the large number of allergies, there are NO birthday treats permitted. I would like each child when they are celebrating their birthday to bring in a specail book to add to our classroom library. They can sign the inside cover and add a message to their classmates. This can be either a picture book or a chapter book! It is totally up to the birthday child! These books will have a special place in our library. 

FRIDAY FOLDERS ~ Over the years, I have discovered that a wonderful way to send home papers is in a Friday folder. Each Friday your child will bring home a Friday folder. In the folder will be important announcements, papers, etc. On the FRONT of the folder, please sign and date each week. Any tests/quizzes that need to be signed and returned will be in the folder also. All folders should be returned each Monday. Please remember that we are paperless! Notices will NOT be sent home ~ they need to be checked on your computer!



A key aspect of success in school is communication with the teacher. If and when you have concerns, questions, etc. throughout the year you may get in touch with me in one of the following ways:


1.       The best and FASTEST way is through email. My email address is: I always check my email several times a day. Please send messages and I will respond as soon as possible.

2.     The next best way is by sending in a note with your child or putting a note in my mailbox in the office. Please let me know the best time to reach you and the phone number(s) where you can be reached.


Please be sure that when you have questions or concerns that you do get in touch with me immediately. Problems and concerns need to addressed quickly and as they occur! This is in the best interest for your child!