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Welcome Back Letter 2020






Dear Parents,




      I hope that you are enjoying your summer and are vacationing somewhere wonderful. My family and I are enjoying some time in Delaware. We have enjoyed some time at the beach and have enjoyed spending time with friends. I have also had time to read many good books and get some projects accomplished. We have gone to Island Raceway to see my daughter race her dragster.


         I would love to hear about your summer. We will share our experiences with each other. We will be writing about the experiences that we shared with our friends and family. I can’t wait to learn more about every one of you.


       Our classroom is room 201 located at the front of the building on the second floor. It is in the fifth grade wing. Get your rest and relax because we will have a busy school year ahead!


       See you on Zoom September 2nd.


See you in September!



Sincerely, Mrs. Climes




Supplies List



Colored Pencils               2 boxes pencils          2 folders  


6 glue sticks                    4 erasers                    pencil box


3 expo markers               3 highlighters             box of markers


 We can always use Clorox wipes and soft tissues.