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Basic Comprehension Questions
Here are some basic comprehension questions that you can use to discuss a story with your child.


Author and his/her Style:
What is the author trying to tell you in this story?
Look through the story and tell me some words that the author used to describe the setting.
Share a place in the story where the author described something well.
Why do you think the author wrote this story?
Why do you think the author chose this title?
What do you like about how the author has written this story?

Who are the main characters in the story?
Tell how a character changes throughout the story.
How does a character from this book remind you of someone in your life?
Who is the most interesting character and why?
What did you learn from _______ in the story?
Were the characters believable?  Why or why not?
What were some of the choices that the main character had to make?
How did the main character solve his/her problem?
If you were the main character, what would you have done and why?
Which character are you most like and why?

How were you reminded of something in your own life when you read this story?
What did you wonder about when you read this story?
Tell about the problem in the story.
Tell about some of the important events in the story.
What would happen if  ________?
What is this story trying to teach you?

Can you show me a place where your thinking changed?
Do you have any unanswered questions about the story?
What do you think is most important about what you just read?

How did you feel while reading this book?  Why?
What was the most exciting/strange/funny/sad/confusing/etc... part of the story?  Why?
What do you remember most about the story?

What do you already know about this topic?
Why is this topic important?
What questions do you have about what you are reading/have read?
What have you learned about this topic?
Did the author include all of the important information that you were wondering about?
What information was provided through illustrations, charts, maps, etc...?