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Oral Reading Strategies


Below is a list of oral reading strategies. All of the activities listed below are intended to foster a sense of success and enjoyment while advancing reading fluency. A twenty - minute chunk of time set aside for reading is considered ideal. Look through this list and determine which strategy best serves your child. To help your child keep focused on the text, use a ruler, index card, pencil, or finger to stay on track with each word or line of words while reading.

Choral Reading: Both parent and child equally read each page out loud together.

Shadowing: Both parent and child read aloud together with the parent allowing the child to take the lead.


Closed or Filler Method: The parent reads the lines aloud leaving blanks for the child to fill in. Blanks can be one, two, or three words to be filled in.


Alternating Method: For books containing approximately 150 words, the parent reads one page while the child reads the next. In chapter books, the parent may need to read 3 to 4 pages for every one that the child reads.


Silent Reread Method: The child silently reads one page and tells the parent briefly what the page is about. He/she then rereads it orally.


Reread Method: The parent reads aloud a page, the child then rereads the same page aloud. This can be increased to reading 3 pages.

The Trio: The child reads anywhere from half to a full page aloud with the parent providing assistance with unknown words. The parent rereads that very same page while the child tracks each word with his pencil following his parent carefully. The child then rereads that very same page with increased fluency and accuracy. The parent then reads several pages to his child to maintain the interest in the contents.