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Welcome to Mrs. Weber's Art Class!

We have been doing so many fun and creative art projects this year in my class!  Even though you are working from home and some of our projects are on hold, you can still be creative!  I created 3 weeks of artwork for each grade level that you should be working on at home.  Don't stress if you don't have much supplies, just do the best you can with whatever you have available! You are probably working on our color wheel or color families.  Also, you are reading about famous artists that we were covering now or going to in the next few weeks.  If you have online access, you can work beyond the packet that I left and research artists and illustrators!  You can print online coloring pages and get ideas for crafts from supplies you have at home!  I'm going to list a few websites that I suggest, but the ideas are limitless!  Just have fun with it!




An idea I've seen posted is taking electrical tape and creating geometric design on your driveway or sidewalk.  Then, color in using different colored sidewalk chalk.  Finally, take the tape away and you will see a really cool design!  You can do outside on your driveway with chalk or even inside using masking tape, paper, and paint!  Many ideas can come from this one project so show your own creativity and share your masterpieces with us!  Go to the hopewell crest facebook page to share!



If you have any questions or concerns involving your child or our art program please feel free to contact me at  or my phone extension at school is 176. I am more than happy to hear from you!