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Trimester 2


ELA:  We will be studying all letters and their corresponding sounds.  We will be using those sounds to make words in our writing.  The children will use "kindergarten spelling" which is spelling a word phonetically. 

We will also be identifying and producing rhyming words.

We are counting syllables  and working on one to one correspondence with words in a sentence.  For example, the sentence "I like pizza." has 3 words.  The students should be able to push up an object for each word said.

We will also be working with opposites.

We are learning to segment sounds using onset and rime.  Onset is the first sound in a word.  Rime is the las chunk of sounds in a word.  For example : pan  /p/ is the onset and /an/ is the rime.  Students will be making words by changing the onset.

We will be sorting pictures according to syllables and the initial, medial and final  sounds.


Sight words: Please click on the link for the words lists.  Students should be working on mastering all 20 of the beginning words list. We have started List 1.  Some students are ready for list 2.  F & P words lists.pdf   We are using these sight words to help us read leveled books.


Writing: We will practice writing our first and last names, letters, numbers and sight words,  We will also be using our sight words to make sentences in our journals.  We will be focusing on making sure there is at least one letter for every word written with a meatball space in between.  Some students are writing CVC words, some are writing beginning and ending sounds as well.   


Math: number writing, identification, one to one correspondence  0-20, modeling and making up to 10, and being able to recognize groups of numbers to 10 without counting.  Students should be able to look at a group of objects up to ten and immediately know how many.  Please continue to practice number writing 0-20. We are using flashcards to identify numbers to 50.