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Math Skills to Practice at home:


Identify numbers to 100


Counting to 120 by ones and tens


Identify colors and shapes.


Know days of the week, months of the year.



Number writing  1-20 out of sequence


Adding and subtracting numbers through ten


Subitizing - being able to tell the number of objects without counting ( find Jack Hartman you tube videos)


Sort and graph objects


Reading Skills to practice


 Sight words   F & P words lists.pdf  By the end of Trimester 2 Your child should know Beginning List and List One. 


Identify, produce and write all letters and sounds


Read and write CVC words


Point to words as they are read


Read books on level, answer questions about the text, and retell the story in sequence.


Write a complete sentence with correct spelling of sight words, and phonetic spelling for other words.


Start a sentence with a capital letter, use spaces, write neatly, and useend punctuation.


Speak in complete sentences with proper grammar.