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Welcome to Kindergarten

Mrs. Joann Pasterkiewicz



How to Contact the School


The main office phone number is 296-7131.  Use this number to call your child out sick or if you need to make an appointment with the Principal or an  Elementary Supervisor. 




How to Contact Mrs. Pasterkiewicz


You may get in touch with me in three ways: Calling the office, writing a note, or sending an email.  If you write a note, it must be put in your child’s folder.  I do not go through backpacks.  Any correspondence addressed to me, the office or the nurse must be in the daily folder!  If I need to contact you, I will send home a note in the folder, email or call.  My email is:     I check my email at my lunch and during my prep.  Please be patient when waiting for a reply. 




Personal Belongings


Please label all of your child’s belongings with their name.


(backpack, lunch box, coat, etc.)






I do have some supplies in the classroom. However, please feel free to supply your child with crayons. The thicker crayons and pencils work great with little fingers.   Glue sticks are always welcome!




Folder:  I will provide a take home folder. This folder will be sent home everyday.  It should be returned the next day – even if it is empty!  The left side is for papers that stay home and the right is for papers that need to be returned.



Needed  Items: If you are able to donate supplies for the classroom’s use, we are always in need of the following items:


Plastic cups, cotton balls, plastic utensils – no knives, Q-tips, pipe cleaners, tissues, paper towels, paper lunch bags, paper plates of all sizes (not foam), ziplock bags    all sizes,  napkins, disinfectant wipes








It is very important that your child comes to school on a regular basis.  Kindergarten is very hands on.  It is very difficult to make up work with an absent child.  Every effort will be made to ensure that no child falls behind due to absence.  When a child returns to school, please be sure to send in a note stating the reason for the absence.







Children get dirty in Kindergarten!  Do not send your child in clothes that are not easily washable.  We frequently use paint, markers, clay, shaving cream, etc.  We love to get our hands involved in projects.   Our class is air-conditioned.  Please send in a sweater if your child chills easily.




Playground attire: SNEAKERS ARE A MUST- NO EXCEPTIONS.  This is a playground rule.  If your child is not wearing sneakers, he/she will NOT be able to play on the playground equipment.  Slip on sneakers are NOT acceptable. A coat during the cool and cold weather is also required.




Gym Days: We have PE twice a week. Please see the Specials schedule for days and times.   Again, sneakers (those that tie or have velcro and cover the entire foot) are a must.  We ask that girls do not wear dresses or skirts on these days.




I realize that some children are still learning to tie their shoes.  PLEASE practice this as much as possible.  It is very difficult to get a class moving if I have 25 pairs of shoes to tie.  The same should be said of buttoning and zipping of all clothing. 




There is a bathroom in the classroom. Children need to be in clothing that they can remove and put back on by themselves.  Be especially careful of belts, overalls and clothes that are becoming too small.  If your child has a tendency to not make it to the bathroom on time, please send in a spare set of clothing that I can keep in the room in case of an emergency.






Lunch and Snack


 Children can purchase a lunch through school or pack their own.  If they choose to buy, please put the money in an envelope with your child’s name, room (K-P) and place it in your child’s folder.   You can pay daily, weekly or monthly.  You can also add money to your child’s account through the school website. You can go online to set up your account.  Please keep in mind that your child will have approximately 40-45 minutes to eat. 




We have one snack time each day around 10 a.m.  Please remember to pack a healthy snack for your child.  Children feel very left out if they are the only ones not eating. Candy and other sugary treats are not acceptable snacks.  Snack milk is available for purchase on a MONTHLY basis from the cafeteria.  Watch the folder for order forms.  If you choose not to purchase snack milk, feel free to send in a drink with your child.  Soda or any beverages in a can or bottle are not permitted at any time.  Please be sure your child can open their own snack and drink.  For the first few days, please label which is snack and which is lunch, 




Children are not permitted to share snacks at school due to allergies.




Birthday Celebrations


Birthdays are very important to children.  If you would like to send in a treat for your child’s birthday, please let me know several days in advance. When sending in a treat, please send in the same exact treat for all.  Two different snacks or flavors do not work.   Birthday invitations can only be sent home through school if all children (or just boys/girls) are invited.




Class Parties


Class parties will happen at various times throughout the year.  One parent per child is invited to sign up for a party that they wish to attend at Back to School Night.






Scholastic Book Orders


At various times throughout the year, I will be sending home order forms for the Scholastic Book Club.  You can find some wonderful books at great prices.  If you choose to order any book, please do not send in cash.  Make all checks payable to “Scholastic Books” in the exact amount.  Please be sure to put your order form (don’t forget your child’s name on the order form!) and check in an envelope marked with your child’s name and Scholastic Book Order on the front.




If at any time you have a question about classroom procedures, your child’s progress or anything at all, please contact me!  Working together we can make this a successful year for your child!