**Students are expected to change for PE starting on Wednesday September 14th**

If you have ordered a uniform and it has not come in yet, students can bring another change of clothes(any color) until their required uniform arrives.


All Students are expected to have the required uniform by October 1st



2016 - 2017 Middle School Physical Education Syllabus


It is New Jersey State Law that every student must participate in Physical Education in order to graduate from High School.  The Clearview Physical Education Department offers a wide variety of co-educational activities from grades seven through twelve.  Activities may include: physical fitness testing (pre-fall and post-spring), soccer, flag football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, badminton, pillow- polo, handball, aerobics, softball, track and field, training circuits, obstacle courses,  low organized games, and a wide variety of lifetime recreational and physical fitness activities.


Grading: 85% of marking period grade will be based on preparation, participation, and effort.  At the conclusion of each activity unit, a common assessment test will be given to each student.  Common assessment tests given during the marking period will account for 15% towards that marking period grade.


            Scale:     A= 93 – 100                         Each student’s final Health and Physical Education Grade for the year

                 B= 92 - 85                            is the average of the four marking period grades earned throughout

                 C= 84 – 76                           the school year.  (3MP PE/1MP Health) A student will fail for the year

                 D= 75 – 70                           if his/her grade is below a seventy.

                                 F= 69 and below



1.  Students must wear the approved Clearview Physical Education uniform consisting of green shorts or green sweatpants, a yellow shirt or a yellow sweatshirt, socks and sneakers.  The uniform can only be worn during class (not before or after).

2.  Uniforms must be worn the way they were intended to be worn.  Shorts may not be rolled at the waist. The waistband must be worn at waist level, and no cutoff shirts are permitted.

3.  The student’s name must be permanently placed on the shirt and shorts.  This enhances security and also prevents students from sharing uniforms with one another. 

4.  Sharing uniforms is not permitted. If a student is found wearing another student’s uniform, the uniform will be taken and given to the rightful owner and the wearer will be given an unprepared and investigated for possible disciplinary action.


Point Deductions:

Every student is evaluated on a day-to-day basis.  Each student can earn a maximum of twenty points per day.  Every five days of class will equal one hundred points and be entered into PowerSchool as an assignment.  Ten points are automatically earned once a student is dressed in their uniform for class.  The remaining ten points are earned through their level of participation.  (See Attached Rubric for Level of Participation)


1.  Unprepared for class: refers to having no physical education attire or improper attire (unsafe       clothing, clothing worn to school, or no sneakers).  Slip-ons, buckled shoes, hiking shoes, work          boots, sandals, cleats, platform shoes, or any colored soles that mark up the gymnasium floor are   not permitted.

2.  Students who dress in safe (comparable to the school uniform), acceptable attire, which was not worn to school, may still participate with a deduction of 5 preparation points each time the attire is incomplete. The student can still earn an additional 10 points for the day based on the Rubric for Level of participation.

3. Gum, jewelry, and plastic or metal hair aids are not permitted during Physical Education Class for safety reasons. 



Point Deductions for Wearing Pierced Jewelry/Objects


Pierced Ear lobe – Can be worn if taped for six weeks with a note from the piercing establishment. After six (6) weeks it must be removed.


Pierced Cartilage – Same as ear lobe except it can be taped for eight (8) weeks.

Following the specified time period, the piercing must be removed.  Failure to do so will result in the student not being allowed to participate in the activity and a five point deduction from their grade.


            Offenses for Not Dressing                                                      Points off of Daily Grade


                        1st Offense – participate (if in sneakers)/ warned                                 -10 points

                        2nd Offense – participate (if in sneakers)                   -10 points

                        3rd Offense – participate (if in sneakers)/ detention                             -10 points

                        4th Offense – Restricted Study/Parent Conference with Admin       -20 points


Medical Excuses:

  • Each student is permitted two medical excuses from parents each marking period.  Each note will excuse the student for one day only.
  • A doctor’s note is required for each additional excuse.
  • All notes must be taken to the school nurse before first period.
  • Parent phone calls to the nurses office during the day to excuse your child will not be allowed. Please email the nurse or your child's instructor before the start of the day.
  • In case of an emergency or unique situation, the student may be excused by the nurse or school administrator.


  • Any test that is given must be made up the following day that the student returns to their physical education class.  Excessive absence from class will result in a review of the grade by the Administration and Physical Education Instructor.


  • Safety and proper behavior are stressed at all times.
  • All class injuries must be reported to the instructor immediately.
  • All valuables should be locked up during Physical Education Class with a combination lock (each student should have his or her own).
  • No aerosol pump sprays or colognes are permitted in the locker rooms due to poor air circulation. Roll-on deodorants are highly recommended.
  • Any form of electronic devices should not be brought into the locker rooms.  These devices should be stored in the students assigned school locker.  If the instructors do see any electronic devices, the device will be taken and student will be sent to the office and dealt with by the Administration.


Feel free to contact your child’s teacher at any time during the day using our e-mail system.


**Please Note** If you have Ewan, Forman or Melvin as your Physical Education instructor you will have Mr. Land as your Health Instructor.  If you have Mr. Reagan or Mrs. Lynch you will have them for both Health and Physical Education.

                                                            Health per Marking Period


Melvin - 1st     Forman - 2nd    Lynch - 2nd      Ewan - 3rd   Reagan - 3rd   Land - 4th      






10 - 9 points
Demonstrates highly active participation, self-motivated.

Demonstrates and models positive behavior and attitude.

Demonstrates active engagement in skill and fitness development during class.

Demonstrates the ability to evaluate and assess strategies and rules associated with the game/activity.


8 - 7 points

Demonstrates active participation in class activity, needs no encouragement.

Demonstrates appropriate positive behavior and attitude.

Demonstrates and understands the need for active skill acquisition and fitness development.

Demonstrates an understanding of the rules and can apply them to the game/activity.


6 - 5 points

Demonstrates some participation in class with encouragement.

Demonstrates appropriate behavior or attitude.
Demonstrates some willingness and effort to improving skill and personal fitness levels.

Demonstrates an understanding of the rules and the ability to follow some of them in the game/activity.


4 - 3 points

Demonstrates engagement in activity for only a short period of time and/or needs frequent encouragement to engage in activity.

Demonstrates appropriate behavior or attitude on an inconsistent basis.

Demonstrates limited willingness to engage in skill and fitness development.

Demonstrates limited understanding of the rules of the game/activity.


2 - 1 points

Demonstrates little or no participation despite encouragement.

Demonstrates poor behavior and attitude; disrupts class.

Demonstrates no willingness to improve skills or fitness levels.

Demonstrates little or no knowledge of the rules of the game/activity.


0 points

Student is in class but unprepared.






Feel free to contact your child’s teacher at any time during the day using our e-mail system.     

  • Mrs. Melvin                 
  • Mr. Land       
  • Mrs. Ewan 
  • Mr. Forman  
  • Mrs. Lynch
  • Mr. Reagan


Physical Education Uniforms May Be Purchased From The High School Store, and orders can also be placed from the Clearview Web-site.


Payment – All purchases require payment by check. Check Payable To: CHS Store