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Happy September Everyone!!!

Here are a few reminders for the first couple weeks in 1st grade...

*Make sure to bring in a snack every day!

*Your  "Go Folder" goes to and from school everyday.  Make sure you check it every night!

*Parents are to read and sign the correct day in your planners every night! 

*Our specials fall on the days that follow – Monday = Library, Tuesday = Computer, Wednesday  = Art, Thursday = P.E. and Spanish, and Friday = Music. 

*We will begin the year with many "Getting to Know You" activities.  We will also be working with blending letter sounds to read words and sentences.  Spelling tests will begin the second full week of school!   Addition and addition strategies will also be early topics.  Get ready to enjoy a wonderful, exciting, and educational year in 1st grade:)

Mrs. Beety
856-451-9203 ext. 108