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                              English 9/10


First Week


Day1-Read pages 1-15 The Odyssey


Day 2-Complete Questions   Odyysey Quiz 1 1-15.doc


Day3-Read pages 16-40 The Odyssey 


Day 4- Quiz on the Odyssey 2 Pages 16.docx


Day 5-Read pages 41-70 The Odyssey 


2nd Week


Day 1-Complete Questions Cannibal Beach and Circe  

Questions on Odyssey 3.docx 




Day 2- Read Pages 71-80 The Odyssey




Day 3-Read Pages 81-90 The Odyssey




Day 4-Bullet Point the happenings of Page 71-90 




Day 5-Read Pages 91-105 The Odyssey