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U.S.History I

   Text: America Prentice Hall

   European Settlement and Native American Resistance

      King Philips War

   Colonial Societies

   The American Revolution

      The French and Indian War

      Issues of the Revolution

      Ideas of the Revolution

      The War for Independence

   The Constitution of the US

      Articles of Confederation

      Constitution Covention

      Ratifying the Constitution

      The New Government

   Origins of American Politics

      Liberty vs Order

      Election of 1800

      The Jefferson Administration

      War of 1812

   Religion and Reform

      Middle-class reform

      the anti-slavery movement

    Beyond the Mississippi

      The Native American of the Plains

   The Coming Civil War

      Two Nations

      New Political Parties

      The System Fails

      A Nation Divided

   The Civil War

      The First Two Years of the War

      War Brings Change

      Turning Point:Vicksburg

       A new Birth of Freedom

   Reconstruction 1863-1877

      Meaning of Freedom

      Three Plans for Reconstructions

      Reconstruction in the South

      The Retreat from Reconstruction

   The Expansion of American Industry

      A Technological Revolution

      The Growth of Big Business


      The Great Strikes

    Immigration: people on the move

    Recreation for the masses

    Becoming a world power

    Progressive reforms

    World War One