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A rigorous, conceptual-based first year course that is targeted for students who enjoy science and may require additional reinforcement in order to be successful. Emphasis will be placed upon student awareness of scientific principles and the scientific process. The explanation of natural phenomena will focus upon qualitative relationships, however, algebraic explanations are periodically required.

Recommended for students who...

* Earned a less than a B- average in 8th grade science

* And/or earned a B- or below in Math 8



A more rigorous course targeted towards students who excel in both science and mathematics, and who enjoy a challenging learning environment. This level of course provides students with a more in-depth study and analysis of concepts involving the use of mathematical relationships and formulae to explain and predict natural phenomenon.

Recommended for students who...

* Earned a B- or better average in 8th grade science

* There are no math prerequisites for this course.



The most rigorous 9th grade biology course designed for students who are self-motivated learners that can digest complex topics and routinely apply previously learned skills in new settings. This level moves faster and delves deeper than the CP Mathematical course. Emphasis is placed upon complex problem solving involving multi-step solutions the frequently involve the interpretation of data and use the mathematical relationships.

~ This course requires an extensive, mandatory summer assignment ~

Honors Biology Prerequisites

* Must have earned an A- average or better in 8th grade science

* Successfully completed Algebra 1 (or above/geometry) in 8th grade

Recommended for students who...

* Can learn at a fast pace independently

* Are organized, motivated, and self-disciplined

* Are willing to devote a great deal of time each week towards this course


Note: It is not recommended for those who just want "another honors class" for their schedule. Students should not only enjoy science for this course, but are willing to go above and beyond to be successful.



HS Science Courses - Sequence

(the order of the science courses you can take from 9th-12th grade)