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Important Note Taking Information


  1. Remember that every word that is bolded is important
  2. You should not be copying the book word for word.  Read a paragraph and then put it into your own words
  3. Separate the lessons into sections.  Follow the book's lead on this.  It will separate for you, just copy down the titles of the sections. 
  4. Don't only copy down the bolded words.  Many times the book will define a word but not bold it.
  5. Write down all important words, names, places, dates, lists, etc.  Always think of the who, what, where, when, and how of each section. 
  6. Read the extra information from the sides of the book.  Read the captions under pictures.


Here are two rubrics that you can use for help with your note taking, if you want to. 

Rubric #1      Rubric #2