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New District Policy 

“I give my permission for the District to dispose of any student work and other classroom artifacts not returned to my child during the school year (such as tests, quizzes, essays and art projects) at any time after September 15th of the following school year." 



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Binder Clean out!!!

For the whole year, you will be keeping certain papers in your binder.  They are all listed below, you will get them throughout the year.


PST Contract
All Cover pages- Gold papers... Ch 3, Civ Package, Ch 4, Egypt, Meso, Greece, Rome, India and China River Valley, India and China Golden Age, Middle Ages
All Timelines-  Early History- 2.5 million yrs ago, Early Humans, Early Civilizations (Meso), Egypt, Greece, Rome, India and China River Valleys, India and China Golden Age, Middle Ages



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Welcome to 8th Grade World History!

In 8th grade, you will spend the entire year studying the first half of World History.  We will begin about 10,000 BC and learn through the dawn of Columbus, AD 1492.  The common themes include the development of culture and advancing society, how trade affects the spread of all aspects of a society, what contributes to the rise and fall of a civilization, and overall, how past events and advancements in a civilization directly affect what happens in the future.  

The second half of the course will begin in 9th grade at Ridge.  You will begin with the Age of Columbus and learn through present day. 




You should have the following supplies for the school year:


  • A separate binder or a separate section for ONLY World History
  • Loose-leaf paper
  • Colored pencils
  • Pens/pencils/erasers
  • Expo marker
  • White out