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Dear students, parents, and guardians,


Supply list:

*Binder (1.5 - 2")

5 dividers

Looseleaf paper

Pencils with erasers

Hand-held pencil sharpener

Red pen (for corrections)


Set of colored pencils


* or if using AM/PM binders, the section devoted to math must still be divided into five smaller sections (see below)


All math work must be organized in a math binder which is to be divided into 5 sections, using labeled section dividers. The five sections are to be labeled in this order:

Section 1 - Weekly agendas  homework(kept in reverse chronological order-latest homework on top)

Section 2 - Homework (kept in reverse chronological order-latest homework on top)

Section 3 - Classwork/Do Nows (also kept in reverse chronological order)

Section 4 - Notes (either taken by students during class or distributed to students by teacher)

Section 5 -Graded Work (notechecks, quizzes, tests, extra credits, and any graded assignments)


Over the years I have found that keeping materials organized is a key component to success not only in mathematics, but also in all subjects. It truly benefits students by eliminating the frustration they often experience when they cannot find the requested paper. If it is filed in the correct section as soon as it is completed,  then it is easily located when needed.


Please feel free to email me if you have any questions



Mrs. Mary Henry