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Tara Bowman

 Supervisor of Mathematics 

 District State Testing Coordinator

 908-204-2585 Ext. 121   



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In the Bernards Township School District, we envision a K-12 mathematics program that provides all students with access to high-quality mathematics instruction that empowers them to better understand the issues of a technological society. There are ambitious expectations for all students, along with provisions for students with different abilities and learning styles. The mathematics curriculum is rich. All students are engaged in worthwhile mathematical tasks that allow them to understand mathematics through a problem-centered, concept-oriented instructional approach.



· All students will become effective problem solvers, risk takers, and independent thinkers.

· All students will become mathematically competent, developing fluency with facts and procedures.

· All students will communicate mathematics.

· All students will use appropriate technology and other tools as a means to broaden their understanding of mathematics.

· All students will value mathematics for its practicality and usefulness.

· All students will connect mathematical concepts both within mathematics and between mathematics and other disciplines.




Bernards Township Schools State Assessment Schedule

New Jersey PARCC Testing Window April 16 - May 25, 2018






PARCC information

PARCC Individual Student Reports for Mathematics and English Language Arts are in the process of being mailed home to parents and you may expect them during the first week of October. The attachments below give samples and further information to assist with interpreting your child's report(s).












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