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 Course supplies for MATH 8

1.  Your motivation and enthusiasm for mathematics :-)

2.  A three-ring binder just for this course with sections labeled as follows:

                  Section 1: Warm-up: Weekly Warm-up Worksheets

                  Section 2: Classwork: classwork &  lesson Worksheets                 

                  Section 3: Homework: in order by HW#
                  Section 4: PARCC: PARCC Practice
                  Section 5: Tests/Quizzes: returned quizzes & tests

3.  Plenty of pencils with erasers!


To become familiar with class procedures and expectations, please choose MATH 8 from the menu to the left.  


Access to the Math 8 textbooks requires a user name and password that students will receive during the first few days of school.


I am confident we will have a successful year together!



Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns: