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Over the course of this year, we will become more efficient readers and writers by engaging in activities that will be challenging and interesting.




- Be on time to class, focused, and ready to participate.

- Respect yourself, your teacher, classmates, and property. Behavior modifications range from verbal warnings and detentions, to parent contact and administration action.

- Take an active role in your education; ask questions, seek extra help, utilize Home Access Center and the homework websites.


Class Procedures


- Be prepared with your English binder, Assignment Pad, and writing utensil.

- Homework should be on your desk ready to be checked.

- Begin working on the Do Now (even if the late bell has not rung).

- Do not pack up at the end of class until instructed to do so.

- Remain in your seat until dismissed (regardless of whether the bell has rung or not).

- If you are absent please make sure to retrieve all handouts from the folders on the front board.




- You will be graded according to the board-approved policy for WAMS.

- Homework assignments will be worth 5-10 points.

- Other assignments (essays, projects, tests, etc.) will be scored at varying amounts (20-100 points), many through the use of rubrics and criteria sheets.

- Late assignments will receive reduced credit.



Online text login:


1. Click on link to online text (it's over there to the left!)


2. Username: wams82


3. Password: viking2014