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 Notebook Organization


Directions: Please organize your binder in the order listed below. 

  • Worksheets and notes are to be arranged in chronological order. No dividers or tabs required.


  • Keep the current WORDSMITH in the front of your binder at ALL TIMES. 


  • Some assignments will move to your writing portfolio, and it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure they get there! 


  • At the end of the marking period, you may remove items from your binder that do not have a star on the top right-hand corner and are NOT from our current unit.  Removed items must be kept in a folder at homeDO NOT THROW ANYTHING OUT!!!!!
  • Starred Items Remain in Binder the ENTIRE Year!


PORTFOLIOS!  Place all MAJOR writing projects in your writing folder, as well as...

Journal Entries for An American Childhood

Short Story Final Product

Journal Entries 

Timed Writing for Zoos

Survival Guides

Shark Tank Proposal



Starred Items Remain in Binder the ENTIRE Year!