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Welcome to Language Arts! This year I will open the door to discovery, to places familiar and not so familiar, to people of the past and even the present, and to fictional worlds and real life.  All you have to do is to be prepared to walk through that door with an open-mind and keen eyes, ready to take on any challenge I present, as we journey through different types of literature, writing, and more! 




Check out our "Daily Postings" tab for our classroom activities, power points, worksheets, and more!


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Just a reminder... When you miss class,please check out our "Daily Postings" tab.  It provides you with the Do Now prompts, activities, power points, collections/ distributions of materials, and homework.




Google Classroom: Please see directions distributed in class for

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Google Classroom:


Suggested Class Supplies:


  • 1" binder (label the spine with "Language Arts")
  • Blue/black ink pens
  • Pencils
  • Notebook paper



Note to All Students and Parents: All homework and assignment/project due dates are subject to change.  Students, please make sure to check the classroom homework board and write down your assignments on a daily basis.  Parents, please check your student's agenda pad on a nightly basis.  In addition, please review with your child his/her grades on a bi-monthly basis by accessing Home Access Center. 


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