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Roio Stamp Challenges


Go above and beyond!  Be a great role model!
Try the Roio Stamp Challenges!  One challenge is offered EACH week!
You can use stamps for prizes and/ or extra credit at the end of the marking period!
All Roio Stamp Challenges (if printed) are located in out class bin!
Marking Period Four (26 points possible)
One: Survivor Biography (3 stamps, due 4/4)
Two: Poetry Help Guide (3 stamps, due 4/19)
Three: Science Fiction Definition and Examples (2 stamps)
Four: T-Chart for Utopia and Dystopia (3 stamps)
Five: STEAL the Antagonist (3 stamps)
Six: Book Trailer or Graphic Novel (10 stamps)
Seven: Book Suggestion (2 stamps)
Marking Period Three 
(Total for MP3= 16 points)
Week One: Antonym Word Art (1 stamp, due 2/1)
Week Two: Slogans (2 stamps, due 2/8)
Week Three: Suffix Chart (2 stamps, due 2/15)
Week Four: Antonym II Word Art (1 stamp, due 2/22)
Week Five: Using Antonyms as Context Clues (1 stamp, due 3/1)
Week Six: Elie Wiesel Brochure (4 stamps) OR Poster (2 stamps)-- due 3/8
Week Seven: Same as Week Six
Week Eight: Context Clues WS (1 stamp, due 3/22)
Week Nine: Survivor's Biography (3 stamps, due 4/1)