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Welcome to Language Arts!
Teacher open the door, students must enter themselves.


The best way to contact me is via e-mail.  If you prefer speak on the phone, please send an e-mail request.


Class Expectations: I expect you (students) to…

Take risks in your learning.  Do not be afraid to try and succeed.  We will be doing various projects, writing assignments, collaborative learning tasks, etc.  Be in the game!

Take responsibility for your work.  Always try your best in whatever you do.  As a learner, you cheat yourself if you do not put your heart into what you are doing.

Respect yourself and others.  We learn by encouragement and support.  Actively listen to each other; only one person should speak at a time.



Attendance and participation is a MUST.  If you are absent, you must check our "DAILY POSTINGS" tab for missed assignments.  If you are absent from class due to an illness or an excused absence approved by the office, you will have one day for each day of absence to complete any work missed.  If you will miss class because of a lesson, meeting, or appointment, please notify me BEFORE class; you are still responsible for that day’s assignments.


Class Procedures:

Every day you are expected to bring the following:

            *Your three-ring binder

            *Needed supplies, such as pens, pencils, blank paper, and assignment pad

           *Any due homework, writing task, or project

Please try to use the bathroom, sharpen pencils, or take care of other non-class related things before class starts.  

You must be in your seat before the bell rings.  Tardiness will result with a consequence.   When the bell rings at the end of class, I will dismiss you.

A “Do Now” exercise will begin each class.  Please begin this exercise immediately!  Do Nows may be Wordsmiths (vocabulary exercises) or written reflections.  If the opening exercise requires writing, your answers should:
            *DATE: Provide the entry’s date
            *RESTATE: Restate the question
            *ELABORATE: Give examples to support your response (with 2-3 complete sentences) 

All assignments must be completed in pencil or blue/black ink only. Color pens (i.e.- purple inked pens) may be used only when correcting homework or revising rough drafts.

Your Language Arts binder must be kept organized in chronological order!  We will have notebook  clean- outs periodically during the school year.



You will be graded according to the board-approved policy for WAMS.  The grading for assignments will be explained with the use of guidelines, rubrics, checklists, and other criteria-based forms. 

Each assignment will be worth a certain amount of points.  These points can be converted into letter grades. 

  • Homework, class participation, and class work: 5-20 points
  • Speeches, oral presentations: 15-50 points 
  • Quizzes: 15- 50 points
  • Tests: 50-100 points 
  • Projects, major writing assignments, journals, Do Now logs: 15-200 points 


WAMS provides students and parents access to grades throughout the marking period using the online grading service, ASPEN.  I encourage you to access this online service in order to keep track of your progress. Graded assignments are updated every two weeks and may provide comments for progress along with student scores.

All assignments that are due for collection MUST BE COMPLETED AND IN CLASS ON TIME.



Plagiarism and Cheating:

Please make sure that all work you submit is yours!  You will lose credit for submitting work that is plagiarized or copied from a fellow student’s assignment.  Plagiarism includes cutting and pasting, copying word for word, or copying someone else’s words or ideas without properly crediting the source.  Cheating is copying another student’s work and claiming the work is your own, OR willingly allowing a fellow student to copy your answers.  Please note that there are consequences for these types of actions as mandated by the Bernards Township district. 


Class Websites:

  • Access our On Course website for daily assignments, helpful resources, and more!  You can also access this site through the school’s online staff directory.


  • Our Google Classroom provides daily postings from our class, as well as individual, partner, and group tasks that require Google Docs and other apps.  You will receive a code to enter your class page.



  • In fact, you should add this site to your bookmarks or favorites:  

Technology-Related Class Assignments:

Some class assignments may require you to participate on a discussion forum or create online documents and power points.  Please remember the following:

  • Class-appropriate language is expected. Please use “school language” or “formal language”; that means “text language” and slang should be excluded from your entries. Proofread your responses/ work before posting.
  • Class-appropriate behavior is expected.  Please remember to show respect to your fellow classmates and teacher.  If you disagree with someone’s response, determine how to disagree with his/her ideas in a respectful manner.

    If internet sources are required for assignments, please locate websites and internet images that are school-appropriate.

    If an assignment requires you to print a final copy and your printer does NOT work, it is your responsibility to do one of the following:

1. Get a pass for the media center or computer lab (available before or after school, or during lunch).

2. E-mail your final document to me as a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint attachment.  Do not cut and paste your document into the e-mail message.

3. Have a parent/ guardian write a note, stating the problem and how you (the student) plan to solve the issue.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to print assignments in color (unless specified by the teacher); black and white copies are allowed.  If you cannot print a color document because color ink is NOT accessible, please print in black and white and let the teacher know the reason.



If your computer is not functioning, please do one of the following:


1. Get a pass for the media center or computer lab (available before or after school, or during lunch).


2. Have a parent/ guardian write a note, stating the problem and how you (the student) plan to solve the problem.


Extra Help:

If you need extra help, just make an appointment with me. I am available during study hall #1 or after school on Mondays until 3:00. I will be more than happy to help you succeed! 



Disposal of Student Work:

District to dispose of any student work and other classroom artifacts not returned to my child during the school year (such as tests, quizzes, essays and art projects) at any time after September 15th of the following school year.



We are going to have a great school year!                                             

Mrs. Roio