Wecome Winter!

When it comes to work, don't "freeze" up. 




Materials for 7th Grade English in room 221 and 415: 


Every day you are expected to bring the following:

  • A three ring binder for English. This can be a binder exclusively for English or part of an AM/PM system as long as there is a section clearly labeled for English. You will also need to divide yourEnglish binder into two Sections CLASS NOTES and WRITING NOTEBOOK
  • Your organizational binder, containing sticky notes, pens, pencils, blank notebook paper, highlighters, white board markers and your assignment pads.


Materials for Literacy Support Classes in 106


1. A 1 inch binder 


2. A marble composition book


3. Sticky notes 


4. White board markers


5. 2 highlighters (different colors)


6. 12 sharpened #2 pencils will be stored in the classroom and shared with classmates during the year



Mr. Karch 7th Grade English and Literacy Support

Course Expectations  Course Expectations.doc 


Over the course of this year, we will become more efficient readers and writers by engaging in activities and texts that will be challenging and interesting. Some of the areas that we will focus on will be self-reflection, choices and consequences, transformations and more. I hope you will enjoy learning about these topics as much as I enjoy teaching them. Please click on the Course Expecations for more.