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We're in the homestretch.

Run all the way through the line  



Materials for 7th Grade English in room 221 and 415: 


Every day you are expected to bring the following:

  • A three ring binder for English. This can be a binder exclusively for English or part of an AM/PM system as long as there is a section clearly labeled for English. You will also need to divide your English binder into two Sections CLASS NOTES and WRITING NOTEBOOK.
  • Your organizational binder, containing sticky notes, pens, pencils, blank notebook paper, highlighters, white board markers and your assignment pads.



Mr. Karch's 7th Grade English Course Expectations  Course Expectations.doc 




Literacy Support classes are in room 414. All materials will be kept in the room. 


1. A 1 inch binder with loose leaf paper


2. Sticky notes 


3. White board markers


4. 2 highlighters (different colors)


5. 12 sharpened #2 pencils will be stored in the classroom and shared with classmates during the year



Litearcy Support Philosophy: 

Literacy Support is designed to assist students in improving their reading and writing skills in all academics, and ultimately, all phases of their lives. Assignments are tailored to each student's instructional reading level and report card grades are reflective of student performance at their current instructional reading level. Rather than individual graded assignments, progress on report cards will be displayed using assessment categories such as reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, and fluency.


For cycle one, teachers devote a majority of time to assessing each individual’s reading level, and to establishing classroom routines and basic reading strategies that provide the foundation for the rest of the year. Therefore, the only grade that will appear on the report card for cycle one is student effort.