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"When you know better, you do better."- Maya Angelou



My Educational Philosphy:




        My educational philosophy is a combination of three main components; encouraging students to become life long learners, supporting their goals and dreams and maintaining a mutual level of respect in and outside the classroom

        As a special education teacher, I have a difficult task in not only complying with the core curriculum standards set forth by the State of New Jersey, but also implementing my students’ personalized goals and objectives into my everyday lessons. I work exceptionally hard to design and teach the appropriate curricula, and assign work suitable to each student’s ability. My daily lessons often include a variety of techniques, such as problem-solving assignments, individualized instruction as needed and utilizing a multi-sensory approach. As an in-class support teacher, I work collaboratively with the general education teachers to adapt the curriculum, while teaching strategies and techniques to meet the needs of the students with disabilities. I also believe that is very important to be in frequent contact with parents which promotes a positive relationship between my students and myself.As an instructor, I pride myself in creating a safe and compassionate learning environment that is a fantastic place for students to learn.