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Welcome to the class website!  You can check here to find the weekly agenda for class activities.  You can also click on the appropriate links to find daily homework assignments and class handouts, project requirements and deadlines, and other interesting information.



English 8

Monday 9/23 - "Marigolds"

Tuesday 9/24 - "Marigolds" (Period 8 MAP testing)

Wednesday 9/25 - "Marigolds" (Period 2 MAP testing)

Thursday 9/26 - "Context Clues and Commas pre-assessments; "The Last Leaf"

Friday 9/27 - "The Scholarship Jacket" and "Marigolds" quiz; "The Last Leaf"

Language Arts 7

 Monday 9/23 - Introduce Daily Wordsmith; An American Childhood excerpt

 Tuesday 9/24 - An American Childhood excerpt reading check; Writer's Notebook

 Wednesday 9/25 - "Science Friction"

 Thursday 9/26 - "Science Friction"

 Friday 9/27 - "Science Friction"