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Mrs. Diane Fisher



 Language Arts 7 Supplies List and Class Policies
Required Daily Class Supplies                                                                                          
You will need a three-ring binder with three dividers ordered as follows:
1. Course Materials
2. Unit Materials
3. Grammar and Vocabulary
Two black or blue pens                                                   School planner
One red or green pen (for editing)                                   Wite-Out®
Two sharpened pencils with erasers                               Post-it® Notes (for annotating books)
Assessment Policy  
Point values will reflect the depth and significance of the assignment.  Assessment criteria will be provided when the work is assigned.
A student’s English grade for each marking period will be determined by dividing the total points earned by the total points assigned. For example, a student who earns 170 out of a possible 200 points will average 85 and receive a grade of “B.”
Assignment Policy
1. All assignments will be clearly written displayed in the classroom and posted on the class website 
2. Completed assignments must be handed in at the start of class on the due date.
3. Late assignments may be penalized ten percent of the grade per day
4. Students will receive a “0” for assignments that are not submitted.
5. In the case of absence from school or from class, work must be made up in accord with the district
6. In the case of emergency, the teacher may amend or waive the Assignment Policy.
Extra Help

I am available to assist students before and after school. Students should let me know that they need help and we will arrange a specific time and place to meet.


Classroom Rules
1. Enter the room courteously and be in your seat prepared to work when the bell rings.
2. At all times, show respect to your classmates, your teachers, and yourself.

3. The teacher dismisses the class.