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Welcome to the class website!  You can check here to find the weekly agenda for class activities.  You can also click on the appropriate links to find daily homework assignments and class handouts, project requirements and deadlines, and other interesting information.


English 8

Summer Reading Book Descriptions

Non-fiction:                                       Fiction:

The Happiness Advantage                      Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
Bossypants                                              What We Saw
Unbroken                                                 The Hate U Give
When Breath Becomes Air                       Station Eleven
Outliers                                                     Scythe
Shadow Divers                                         All The Light We Cannot See
Funny in Farsi                                          The Sun Is Also A Star
Lone Survivor                                           Goodbye Days


Monday 4/23 - Assign classic novel lit circle books and The Pearl song project groups

Tuesday 4/24 -  Read and annotate classic novel

Wednesday 4/25 - Read and annotate classic novel

Thursday 4/26 - First classic novelit circle discussion

Friday 4/27 - The Pearl song project

Language Arts 7

 Monday 4/23 - Review elements of argument, rhetorical devices, and persuasive techniques; brainstorm topics

 Tuesday 4/24 - Introduce persuasive letter writing project; complete pre-writing graphic organizer

 Wednesday 4/25 - Draft letter introduction

 Thursday 4/26 - Draft first body paragrph of letter

 Friday 4/27 - Draft second body paragraph of letter