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Welcome to the class website!  You can check here to find the weekly agenda for class activities.  You can also click on the appropriate links to find daily homework assignments and class handouts, project requirements and deadlines, and other interesting information.


English 8

Summer Reading Book Descriptions

The election results are in and here are the Final Four choices: 

Non-fiction:                        Fiction:

Unbroken                    Scythe       
Lone Survivor 
Students in English 9 need to choose one of the books.  Students in English 9 Honors need to choose two of the books.
The length requirement for the notes is one page front and back for all four quotes.  This is based on the optional graphic organizer, which works out to one page front and back for all four quotes. 



English 8

Monday 6/11 - American Born Chinese small group discussions

Tuesday 6/12 -  American Born Chinese whole class review

Wednesday 6/13 - American Born Chinese open book/open notes multiple choice quiz

Thursday 6/14 - Review summer reading assignment

Friday 6/15 - Graduation activities

Language Arts 7

 Monday 6/11 - Sleeping Freshmen timed writing exercise

 Tuesday 6/12 - Sleeping Freshmen whole class discussion

 Wednesday 6/13 - Culminating reading and writing skills assessment

 Thursday 6/14 - New student survival kit project

 Friday 6/15 - New student survival kit project