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Unit 8: World War II

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None Your notebook should be cleaned out and ready to go for our new uint Germany Expands Reading guide is due today Appeasement thesis chart should be done None


Get into your groups as soon as possible! Please move to the back of the room and prepare to switch seats!  What promises did totalitarian leaders make to their people? List the leaders of Japan, Soviet Union, Germany, Italy  Please analyze the Dr. Seuss appeasement cartoon with a partner. Describe the early successes of the German army



Great Depression breakout!!

Rise of totalitarianism chart and video clips - Rise to Power


 Rise of totalitarianism - chart.doc  


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Germany ExpandsPPT - Munich Conference


 Germany Expands and Appeasement Fails.ppt 

Hitler Moves West - MAP and video clips


 Hitler moves west - map directions.doc 


 Hitler Moves West - Directions.ppt 


Hitler Moves West - MAP and video clips


 Hitler moves west - map directions.doc 


 Hitler Moves West - Directions.ppt


Clean out your notebook of all Great Depression materials

Reading Guide  German Expansion

 Germany Expands Reading Guide.doc 

Appeasement thesis chart None

Pearl Harbor Reading Guide




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Online Textbook

If you are interested, you can log into our online textbook. There are practice assessments, extra maps, and text to audio if you would like it to be read aloud.

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