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2018-2019 Social Studies Syllabus / Garland


1.      Materials that you will need in class:


  • I recommend using a Binder (if you are able to stay organized), but you must have enough loose leaf to do your work. In other words, get enough loose leaf to last you all year. Notebooks are acceptable, but you may need to purchase more than one for the whole year’s work. Bell ringer assignments must me kept in you binder or notebook.
  • Blue or black ink pen or a pencil for daily work – all reports must be written in ink or typed. Number 2 pencils for test on AccuScans.
  • I will have in class all other materials that you will need for daily work.
  • I recommend making flash cards to help learn the key terms and people, so you may need notecards.


2.      Assignments: Late assignments receive substantial grade penalties


  • If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to get your class work or your assignment and turn the assignment in a timely manor (5 school days).  Just because you were absent for some of the test material does NOT excuse you from taking the test.  If I feel as though you should be able to take the test, I will administer the test to you. If you are absent on the day an assignment is due, you must have an office approved excused absence for the assignment to be not considered late and you must turn the assignment in on the day you return to school.
  • If you are absent on the day of a test, you will take the test the day you return.
  • A daily Bell Ringer to be kept in your notebook or binder
  • ALL assignments should be dated and CLEARLY labeled (including notes, bell work, homework, tests, quizzes, essays, learning logs, exit tickets, etc.)
  • ALL assignments will be graded (teacher observation, peer grading, formal grading, etc.)
  • ANY work assigned or given in class or for homework is subject to quizzes, tests, pop quizzes, or writing assignments.
  • As a rule, there is no extra credit/bonus work (however, sometimes a quiz or test may have a bonus question).  Keep up and study.
  • It is your responsibility to keep up with reading the chapter and studying key terms. I do not assign daily homework but you have homework daily. This means you should read your chapter and any work done in class every day. KEEP UP!!!!
  • ANYTIME you finish your work early, you must read (usually your AR Book).  This is called Idle Time Reading. I recommend studying.


3.      Class Conduct


  • You are expected to treat everyone in the class with respect (including yourself)
  • Enter the classroom in an orderly manner (you are tardy when the bell STARTS ringing)
  • Bell Ringer Assignment will be given for you to begin as soon as the tardy bell rings (check the board or the screen for the assignment if I do not give the directions orally)
  • You are to have textbooks, notebooks, pencils sharpened, and pens ready before the class begins, so there is no delay in the beginning of class.
  • You are to follow all rules of the school and classroom
  • No gum is allowed in the class
  • We will follow the school’s discipline policy


4.      I do not have Class fee BUT THE SCHOOL has a $20 student fee that is paid to the homeroom teacher or online. Contact the office for details.



5.      Test dates and upcoming major assignments are usually written on the board, so check the board often and WRITE YOUR ASSIGNMENTS IN YOUR PLANNER!!!!!!



6.      Grading: We will follow the school and/or parish policy for grading. Also, DE classes and AP classes will follow the grading procedures for those respective classes.