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Darlene Sue Olah
6th Grade ELA

6th Grade Science



     Welcome to the 6th Grade!  



If any problems should arise during our school year, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (225) 695-6111 or at our emails listed on Maurepas School website.  My email is





Please encourage your child to read whenever possible.


Please note that when your child is absent, he/she misses quite a lot of valuable learning as  every day is a new lesson or practice of a recently taught lesson.  Experiencing these lessons in class is the best way for your child to learn as much as possible.   
On the other hand, if they are sick, please keep them home as not to spread any illness in the classroom.  Contact me and I will be glad to gather their missed work and have it ready in the office for you to pick up.


Weighted Grades:

70%:  Major Assignments:  Tests, Unit Projects, Essays

30%: Minor Assignments:  Quizes, Small Group Projects, Binder checks, Classwork.

Grading -- 

Our grading scale is as follows:
A = 93-100%
B = 85-92%
C = 75=84%
D = 67-74%
F = 0-66%