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2020 Home School for Quarantine


      1.  I have sent you an email to join my 2020 Advance Team; please join by sending an email back to me.  This is a way to stay in contact with each other and me.  I will be giving instructions and answers to tests here.

      2.  I will be contacting each student twice a week to see if there are any problems with your assignments. If the number you gave at the beginning of the year is not a good number to call, please email me the better number.

      3.  If you have any problems with your assignments, you can email me at any time, instead of waiting for my call.  I will try and look at my email several times a day.

      4.  Please take your assignments seriously and put a time aside each day to work on them.  This is enough work for 4 weeks, so don't try and finish it all in a week or two.  We are trying to keep your mind from getting rusty so it will be oiled and ready to take the LEAP Test at the end of April.

      5.  There are wonderful stories in the Yellow Lit book if you want more reading.  Try it, you may like it.