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May 13-17


Ms. Sunny's Newsletter:


There will be a Spelling test this week.  I will send the words home Monday to begin studying for the test on   We will also have a reading comprehension test this week.  This passage will be sent home on Monday to practice. In English this week we will be working on Adverbs.(still not quite finished, we will also review collective nouns)  A class grade will be taken on Wednesday.  


Spelling:  Words this week are compound words.  The words are:











The test will be Thursday, May 16th



I will be sending home a fluency story to be read on Monday (An Inspirational Man) that should be read each night to continue to practice reading comprehension. Now that we are in the second semester, I am no longer reading the story on Friday to the students.  They will be responsible for reading the story, the questions, and the writing on their own.  We have been practicing this together since August.  Make sure they are reading the story each night to be successful on Friday. **Test will be Thursday May 16th, not Friday.

At home:

Read the fluency story nightly (An Inspirational Man).  No Wit and Wisdom homework this week.  We have started Module 3, and are on the fourth story: Seperate is Never Equal. 



In English this week we will be working on various skills. 


 SPIRIT DAY is the last Friday of each month. 

 It is very important to check planners every night for reading assignments and upcoming tests.





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