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October 14-18

Ms. Sunny's Newsletter:



There will be a Spelling test this week.  I will send the words home Monday to begin studying for the test on Friday, October 18th. We will also have a reading comprehension test this week(No Swimming this Summer).  This passage will be sent home on Monday to practice. In English this week we will be working on  Names of Titles of People and Animals(continued from last week).  A quiz will be on Thursday for the English skills. In Wit and Wisdom our skill this week will be new vocabulary, story stones, and noticing and wondering-continuing from last week. Wit and Wisdom homework will be Handout 10B: Fluency Homework Option A.


Spelling:  Words this week have the bl, gl, and pl sounds.  The words are:











The Spelling test will be Friday, October 18th.




I will be sending home a reading story to be read on Monday (No Swimming This Summer).  The students will be tested Friday on this story for listening and reading comprehension.  In addition the students will be given a weekly cold read story.  This is a story where the students will be reading the story and answering the comprehension questions on their own.  The cold read story cannot be sent home to study ahead of time.  The students will read the story, the questions, and the choices on their own. 

Make sure they are reading the fluency story each night to be successful on Friday. 

At home:

Read the reading/listening comprehension story nightly (What Comes Alive at Night).  This week I will be sending home another Wit and Wisdom Fluency homework sheet (Handout Option 10B: Fluency Homework)



In English this week we will be working on Names and Titles of People and Animals

The names of people and animals are proper nouns.  The first and last names of a person or animal begins with a capital letter.

The titles of people begin with a capital letter.  Most titles end with a period.  These are titles of people:

Mr.       Mrs.      Ms.      Miss      Dr.


Jack Sprat went to the airport.

Mrs. Sprat is looking for her dog Fluffy.

**Continued from last week



 SPIRIT DAY is the last Friday of each month. 

 It is very important to check planners every night for reading assignments and upcoming tests.





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