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Class Assignments during the Coronavirus Break   

 Coach Goodson - Corona Virus Assignment.docx 


Midterm Review:

 Goodson Midterm Exam Study Guide.pdf 


Miidterm Review Quizizz:


Chapters 21 and 22:

 Goodson Chapter 21-22.pdf 




Chapter 16 and 17:

 Goodson Chapter 16-17.pdf  



Covid Assignments Part II will be distributed Tues. and Wed. April 21st and 22nd from 8:00 to 12:00 in the school auditorium. We will also accept completed work at that time.

Chapter 19 and 20:

 chp.19 lesson 1 notes.docx 

  Chp 20 Lesson 1 Notes.docx 

 Chp 20 Lesson 2 Notes.docx 

 Chp 20 Lesson 3 Notes.docx 

 Chapter 19 study guide questions.docx 

 Chapter 20 study guide questions (1).pdf 
 The Four Market Structures.docx 
 Types of Unemployment.docx 


Covid assignments part 3 will be distributedTues. and Wed. May 5th and 6th.

All completed work from previous packets can also be turned in at that time.

 Chp 1 Chapter Test.pdf 

 Chp 4 Chapter Test (1).pdf 

 Chp 18 Chapter Test.pdf 

 Chp 19 Chapter Test.pdf 

 Chp 20 Chapter Test.pdf 

 Chp 21 Chapter Test.pdf 

 Naturalization Test Flash Cards 2019 (1).pdf 



 Naturalization Test (Civics) fall 2017 (1).docx 


Contact Information


text @g884a2 to 81010



Test/Quizzes 40%

Projects 25%

Homework 10%

Bell work/Participation 10%

Midterm & Final  15%

Online Textbook:

not available at this time