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Welcome to a new school year!


This year I will be teaching Basic Study Skills.


The students will need a calculator, pencil, and a notebook or loose-leaf paper for math activities.  For everything else, the students will need blue or black ink or a pencil, and a notebook or binder with loose-leaf paper. Although not required, I will definitely not turn down donations of tissue.


 Students are expected to abide by classroom, school, and parish rules.  See my handout and student planner for details.  I will follow the school-wide diciplie plan, as needed.


If you have any concerns you may call and leave a message with the office and I will get back to you during my planning period or after school.  Conferences are scheduled through the office.  The number is 225-664-0243.


Please come out and support our students at the variety of events offered through the school.  These include, are not limited to, various sporting events including volleyball, football, boys and girls basketbal, cross-country and track, baseball and softball.  Be on the look out for the inovative new things coming to us from the high school.  


It's an exciting time for the Walker High and Walker Freshman High community.