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Things have changed quickly,  but I want to remind you guys that I am thinking of you and want you and your families to stay safe.  I'm going to try to stay safe as well.


To be honest, this situation is new to all of us.  This isn't exactly like the Flood of 2016 or Hurricane Katrina.  We are all trying to do the best we can. 


Keeping that in mind, our school is trying to keep you up-to-date on the events as they are relayed to us.  We also do not want you to get behind in your studies.  It will be difficult to introduce new information without meeting fact-to-face, but I can help you maintain what you have been taught so far.  Here is an outline of work that is available to you during our time apart.


1.  SOAR Ch. 11 - Taking and Studying Notes

2.  SOAR Ch. 12 - Taking Tests

3.   How Do You Handle Stress?

4.  Taking the World by Storm

5.  Passing the Test


This Basic Study Skills packet will be located in the auditorum for pick-up.  Work on it while we are apart.  Pace yourself.   You will return it to me when we return.  If you or your family has any questions or concerns, you can contact me through Remind or by email.  To join my REMIND, text 81010@fohn.  If you would rather email, my email address is


Again, remember that I am thinking about you and want you to stay safe and try to keep your family safe.  WASH YOUR HANDS TO THE HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG USING SOAP AND WARM WATER, practice social distancing, and COUGH OR SNEEZE INTO THE INSIDE OF YOUR ELBOW.   Be kind to one another.  Have patience.  Be considerate and thoughtful.  


 Mrs. Fohne