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I have graded all assignments that have been turned in to the school or emailed to me.  I have 4 assignments turned in to the school that had no name on them.  Email me with a description of the assignment if you think it might be yours.  Grades in power school will be final as of Tuesday night.  If you are going to turn something else in,  turn it in to school by noon on Tuesday or email it to me by 4:00 pm on Tuesday.  Other than that the grade that is in power school is the final class grade.  You can find the final exam, all assignments, and power points below. 

My best,


Mr. Brown



***The link for the  optional final exam for my class can be found below.  There are also paper copies in the auditorium at WFHS that are available.  They may be picked up on Wednesday and Thursday May 13th and 14th from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.  The exam answers can be typed in a word document and emailed to me or turned in to the auditorium at school.  Use your textbook to answer the questions on the exam.  The school is collecting assignments and exam answers on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, May 19-21.  Please try to have assignments and exam answers emailed to me by then as well.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at 


 Civics Final Exam spring 2020 coronavirus Mr. Brown.docx 



 ***Other assignments and power points are attached further down on this page


***Grading- From what I understand, if you do not complete any of the assignments you will receive the grade that you had on March 13th.  The assignments are for students that want to try to improve their grade.  Your grade will not fall below the letter grade that you had on March 13th, but it can improve if you complete the assignments accurately.  I encourage all students to read their textbook, look at the power points on my website, and complete the assignments for the sake of learning, but the above guidelines, from my understanding, are accurate.  


***Final exam/project- While Civics classes do not have to take the usual mandated final exam, I will offer an optional final exam or project for students that want to try and improve their grade.  It will be posted to my website and available for pick at WFHS on Wednesday and Thursday, May 13th and 14th.  It is worth 15% of your final grade.


***Please try to have any assignments (other than the final exam/project) turned in or emailed to me by Thursday, May 21th.  That way I can update your grades in a timely manner so that you know where you stand while you work on the final exam/project.


***Some of you have turned in your fill in notes, etc from packet one.  Please understand that when I created packet one, I was advised to stay away from true assignments and give information that could help students when we returned in April.  Obvisiously, that did not occur.  Packet one was never intended to be graded assignments. Once the powers that be decided our return to school would not happen, they asked us to issue assignments.  Those of  you that turned in the fill in notes, etc, I will leave those on the table next to packet #3.  You may pick them up and use them to help finish any assignments that you choose to complete.  The only assignments that will be graded are from packet #2 and #3 and are listed below.


***Hoping all of you and your families are doing well.




My best,


Shawn Brown


Assignments for Grading


I have decided to offer some assignments for grading.  I would hope that these will support the power points, notes, etc, that I have already posted on my website.  You may email your completed assignments to me at  


Assignments:  Domestic and Foreign Policy study guide 2020.docx    (Use Domestic Policy and Foreign Policy power points found below to answer study guide)

                            The Federal Reserve System and Financing the Government open textbook test.docx   (Use Chapter 21 and 22 power point found below or textbook to 

                              complete the test. 

                            Unit 8 part one (Chapter 8 and 9) study guide.docx  (Use Chapter 8 and 9 of textbook or Chapter 8 and 9 power points found below to answer study guide)

                                                  Chapter 10 open textbook test.docx -  (Use Chapter 10 of textbook or Chapter 10 power point found below to complete the test.)

                            Unit 10 Chapters 16 and 17 study guide questions.docx (Use Chapter 16 and 17 of textbook or Unit 10 Chp 16 and 17 powerpoint to answer the study guide)

                            Unit 11 Chapter 19 Lesson 1 and Chapter 20 open textbook test.docx  - Use Chapter 19 Lesson 1 and Chapter 20 Lessons 1, 2, and 3 of your textbook or the 

                              power points on my website found below to complete the test. 

                             Unit 9 Test covid.docx - Use Chapter 1 Lessons 1,2, and 3 and Chapter 4 Lesson 4 and/or the power points on my website below to complete test. 

                             *** Workbook pages 223-234 (Personal Finance)- type answers and email to me or complete workbook pages and turn in at WFHS auditorium.  

                                       Lesson 1 - ?'s 1-11 and "Check for Understanding"; Lesson 2- ?'s 2-5 and 7-12 and "Check for Understanding"; Lesson 3 - ?'s 1-10 and "Check for 

                                       Understanding"  (Accessed for Accuracy = 43pts)



                                              ***Final Exam/Project available on Wednesday, May 13th


 Please try to have assignments finished and turned in/emailed by Thursday, May 21th.


My best,


Mr. Brown




Power points and other information



Domestic and Foreign Policy documents 

 Civics Domestic Policy notes-pp.ppt

 Foreign policy Notes(2).ppt  


Unit 6- Chapter 21 Lesson 2 and Chapter 22 Lessons 1 and 2

 Chapter 21 PPT.pptx

 Chapter 22 PPT.pptx 

 Chp 21 Lesson 2 Notes.docx

 Chp 22 Lesson 1 Notes.docx 

 Chp 22 Lesson 2 Notes.docx   


Final Exam Part One documents - These are the ideas we have covered since the beginning of this semester in January.

  Final Exam Part One Study Guide.docx 



Final Exam Part One quizizz practice


Unit 8 --Chapter 8 and 9 documents

 Chapter 8 ppt- political parties.pptx

 Chp 8 Lesson 1 Notes (1).docx 

 Chp 8 Lesson 2 Notes (1).docx 

 Chapter 9 ppt.pptx

 Chp 9 Lesson 1 Notes (1).docx

 Chp 9 Lesson 2 Notes (1).docx


Unit 8 Part Two-- Chapter 10 documents

 Chapter 10.pptx

 Chp 10 Lesson 1 Notes.docx

 Chp 10 Lesson 2 Notes.docx

 Chp 10 Lesson 3 Notes.docx 


Unit 10 -- Chapters 16 and 17

 Unit 10 notes Chapter 16 and 17.pptx

 Chp 16 Lesson 1 and 2 Notes.docx  

 Chp 16 Lesson 3 Notes.docx 

 Chp 17 Notes.docx 


Unit 11 -- Chapter 19 Lesson 1 and Chapter 20 Lessons 1, 2, and 3 documents

 Unit 11 Notes Chapter 19 Lesson 1 and Chapter 20.pptx

 Chp 19 Lesson 1 Notes.docx

 Chp 20 Lesson 1 Notes.docx  

 Chp 20 Lesson 2 Notes.docx 

 Chp 20 Lesson 3.docx  


Unit 9 (Chapter 1 Lessons 1,2, and 3 and Chapter 4 Lesson 4) documents

 Unit 9 Notes (Chp 1 lessons 1,2, and 3 and Chp 4 Lesson 4).pptx 







            Contact Information                                                                                             
225- 664-0243                                                                                   

1st Block- Planning
2nd Block- Civics 
3rd Block- Civics
4th Block- Civics

  week of  3/9/20 - 3/13/20 -    Chapter 7 - The Judicial Branch                                                                                                          


Friday, 3-6-20 -- Answers to ?'s 1-33 from Unit 5 (Chapter 7) study guide are due

Wednesday, 3-11-20 -- Chapter 7 Lessons 1,2,3, and 4 quiz worksheets are due

Thursday, 3-12-20 -- Chapter 7 test





Political Self-Analysis Project

 Conservative vs Liberal Project Rubric.docx 


 Liberal or Conservative self analysis chart.docx


Chapter 6 documents

 Chapter 6.pptx

 Chp 6 Lesson 1 Notes.docx

 Chp 6 Lesson 2 Notes.docx

 Chp 6 Lesson 3 Notes.docx

 Chp 6 Lesson 4 Notes.docx 


Chapter 7 documents

 Chapter 7.pptx

 Chp 7 Lesson 1 Notes.docx

 Chp 7 Lesson 2 Notes.docx

 Chp 7 Lesson 3 Notes.docx

 Chp 7 Lesson 4 Notes.docx