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1st Block- Planning
2nd Block- Civics 
3rd Block- Civics
4th Block- Civics

  week of  12/9/19 - 12/13/19 -      Economics Part Two (unemployment, Federal Reserve System, monetary policy, banking, personal finance, GDP, business cycles); Prepare for Final Exam Part Two                                                                                                                



Monday, 12-9-19 -- Pay stub assignment is due

Wednesday, 12-11-19 -- workbook pages 251-254 and 264-268 are due

Thursday, 12-12-19 -- Economics Part Two Test

Friday, 12-13-19 -- Checking Account Activity due

Tuesday, 12-17-19 -- Final Exams 1st and 3rd blocks; Bell ringers 57- 62 are due

Wednesday 12-18-19 -- Final Exams 2nd and 4th blocks

Thursday and Friday 12-19 and 12-20 -- make up days for Final Exams




Economics Part One documents


 Free Enterprise Chp 1 Notes abbr.ppt 

 Free Enterprise Chp 2 notes abbr.ppt

 F.E. Chp 3 notes abbr.ppt 

 Chp 4 notes F.E. abbr.ppt

 F. E. Chp 5 notes abbr.ppt 

 F.E. CHP 7 NOTES abbr.ppt

 F.E. fill in notes Chp 1-7 abbr.docx 


Economics Part Two Documents 

 Economics Part two PPT 2014.pptx

 Economics Part Two 2014 fill in notes.docx


Final Exam documents

 Final Exam Study Guide with answers 2019.docx