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My Teaching Schedule 1st semester:

   All Classes are by audition



1st Block: Percussion Ensemble 9-12th  (Seighman),  Symphonic Band 9th-12th (Hirst)

2nd Block: AP Music Theory (11-12th grade)

3rd Block: Wind Symphony (Seighman/Hirst), 10-12th Grade 
4th Block: Concert Band (Seighman/Hirst), 9th-12th Grade/Colorguard (Hirst) 


   After School Marching Band Practices 1st semester

     Thursday, September 24th - LAST TIME in evenening - ALL STUDENTS 6:00pm-7:30pm


After School Marching Band Practices 1st semester - during Phase 3:

      Starting the week of September 28th: Tuesday/Thursday 2:45-4:30     



My Teaching Schedule 2nd semester:
1st Block: Symphonic Band (Hirst/Seighman), 9-12th Grade 

2nd Block: AP Music Theory (11-12th Grade)

3rd Block: Wind Symphony  (Seighman/Hirst), 10-12th Grade 

4th Block: Concert Band (Seighman/Hirst), 9-12th Grade 


   After School 2nd semester

      "Wind Ensemble Wednesdays" (Seighman/Hirst) 9-12th Grade (by audition)

            Rehearsals: November-April 2:45-4:30

      Jazz Band - TBA


Band Room Phone: 225-271-3267 ext. 3267

My email is

Mr. Hirst is