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Reminders, Clarifications and more reminders


 Practices and Schedule Changes: This is our LAST Thursday evening practice from 6-7:30pm. Wear grey tee and black band shorts. We have 27 people signed up to pack snack bags at 6:30 in the café! Wow! 3 spots left to sign up:


**PRACTICE CHANGE Reminder! - Starting the week of September 28th (GAME WEEK!) we will go to a “normal” practice schedule which will be everyone on Tuesdays/Thursdays from 2:45-4:30. (Notice no more evenings!) Please drop/off pick up in the Burgess parking lot for practices/performances.


Regarding attendance at practices: Please schedule doctor appointments around our Tuesday/Thursday practices. Anyone that misses practices after school will not be allowed to perform during that week’s halftime show. (Please see the Band Handbook, Page 4: Membership Expectations: Attendance)  This is for the safety of the student that misses and for those that are located near the student that misses. We always learn and rehearse new things during practice, and if any student misses a practice, they won’t know what to do, how to do it, or when to do it. In light of this, students that miss practice still need to be present at the game (only if they are not sick) because the halftime show is only one small part of what the band does at the over 3 hour football game.  This means that everyone will play while the football team is competing during the game, but if you miss practice the week of a game, you can not perform during the halftime portion of the game.


Don’t forget …. Football Games begin for us on October 2nd! We will not travel to away games due to various Covid restrictions. There are Additional items to purchase for our performances (handbook pg. 6):

  • Long Black socks(no short socks) and black dress pants(no jeans, no “tight fit” or “skinny” style), and a plain black belt (used at the first game and will also be worn in the spring with the concert uniform.) 


These items need to be purchased by band members for them to use at the first scheduled game against Fountainebleau on October 2nd. This items can be purchased at a store of your choosing. Having these items is required and will be checked during inspection before the game starting on Friday, October 2. See Band Handbook page 7: “Inspection” for more details on what is expected.


A note about dismissal after football games: (highlight from page 6 in the Band Handbook) When the game is over, the band will march back to the band room to watch the performance video and to celebrate a great night of hard work and the culmination of their diligent practices. This is a time of great encouragement and presents an outstanding teaching opportunity so please be patient with the process. It will take a minimum of 15 minutes or more depending on what we debrief with the students and if we have to deal with uniforms, etc. Reminder, no one is allowed in the Band room except the students and immediate essential volunteers designated by me. And another reminder…Please drop/off pick up in the Burgess parking lot for practices/performances.


Also, the band does not play at a Jamboree, though we will run the concession stand. Due to countless restrictions, I am only allowed 5 people to work the concession stand and I have assigned them. Also, I have assigned only 5 people to help us during the game on the field because of restrictive limitations due to Covid. I certainly hope to get beyond this at some point and be able to allow more people to participate by volunteering in the future.


Practice clothes, shoes, fees and fundraising –Please pay for fees, clothes, shoes, fundraising, etc. on Online School Payments(OSP) found by going to, then click on “Online Payments.” I have extended the deadline to pay all fees to October 6th. After you pay, I will update Charms accordingly as soon as possible. Please check this to see what you may still owe.


Community Coffee labels – Please send in your community coffee labels from individual coffee packages and cardboard box “triangles” from retail stores. We also collect Coke product caps with codes and codes from Coke product cardboard packaging.