Ms. Lindbloom

4th Grade

ELA/ Social Studies

Magnolia Elementary


 We are reading The Whipping Boy in class and learning about Medieval time period. (The Middle Ages) We are focusing on the Feudal System so the students can understand the relationship between our two Characters.  The main goal of reading this novel is to teach students to discover the Theme.  Please help your child by talking to them about school and asking them questions pertaining to their story and what the characters are doing.  Ask your child how he/she feels about the Middle Ages.


In Social Studies were are declaring our Independence.  We are looking at the many causes of The Revolutionary War and siding with the Patriots or the Loyalists.  We are looking closely at events like the Sugar and Stamp Act, the Boston Massacre and Tea party, the Intolerable Acts as well as the First and Second Continental Congress and the  Declaration of Independence, the Preamble to the Constitutuion, and the Bill of Rights.  Your students are being given bits and pieces of our countries history and are asked to formulate claims (opinions about how or why something is the way it is.).  They must then defend their claims using historical fact and multiple sources.  Please help your child by watching documentaries on this time period, going to local publlic library and checking out books to read, and/or visiting multiple sites on the internet. 


Thank you for all that you do to help me help your child!!!


****AR points...each grading period the students are required to earn 10 points in AR.  This gets added to their report card grade as a 100 point grade.  Many students are not doing what is required and are facing a shortage of points.  We are giving them time in class to both read and test, as well as recess and Library.  Please encourage your child to participate in can make a huge difference in their overall success. 


ATTENTION:  In order to add some more bulk to the Social Studies Units...we will be analyzing Political Cartoons and current event articles.  We will alternate the weeks (see calendar)...this week we are completing our first Political Cartoon analysis in class and next week we will be working on Summarizing a Current Event article.  Please help your child find these in the local newspaper...Political Cartoons can also be searched through Google. After next week, students will be required to complete these tasks on their own and turn them in to me FIRST thing Monday mornings.  Directions will be sent home...please keep them in your childs folder for reference purposes.  


 Please feel free to email me