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Math- Please work on the pages of the packet at your own pace. Students can also  log in on where students will find their assignments for the week, Daily Standard Review. The students might remember their user name. If they forgot their user name, you can use the remind app to ask me or email me at Everyone has the same password. It is: AJ7I9- it's a capital letter i not the number one.



 Math March 23-March 30     

Videos for Multistep word problems:




Science- Students can go to http;// Students will then go to 4.2 Predicting Weather. They can read, watch videos, and do activities under explore tab. Unit 4.3 is Weather Hazards. They can read, watch videos, and do activities under the engage and explore tabs for Unit 4.3. The students can work at their own pace when doing Discoveryeducation. Students can also work on LEAP Review pages 17-20 for this week of March can go to Steve Caparotta on the WAFB website for weather lessons:


Social Studies- if you pick up the packet from school, students can read and answer the questions at their own pace.


I will update this information each week with new activities for your child to do while we are out of school.

Please go to Helpful Websites Tab to see online websites your child can go to during this time.