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July 27, 2017




Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),




Welcome!  I am very excited to be working with your student this year!  First, just a little about myself….I graduated from KennesawStateUniversity in 2003 and moved from Woodstock, GA to Dallas in order to teach here at Nebo.  I later earned my Masters in Education Leadership, also from KSU.  I am married to a wonderful man named Stephen and we have two beautiful daughters and an adorable baby boy.  Caroline is 8 and is a big girl now who will be on the 3rd grade hall with me…goodness, time flies.  Ava is 7 and is so very excited to be entering the 2nd grade!  We all enjoy our little Sammy who is 21 months old.  He is the piece we didn’t know we were missing and is spoiled rotten. J




This will be my twelfth year teaching the 3rd grade.  I absolutely love this age-group, and the curriculum is really fun to teach.  I am honored to be working with your kids.  I know you are trusting me with your child each day and I take that role seriously. 




In order to ensure your student’s achievement, I ask just a few things:




ü Home/School Folder: Please look over your child’s homework each night and go over any mistakes with them, explaining how to correct it.  Also make sure to review your child’s color, as this will be documentation of their behavior each day.  Once you have done this, please sign your student’s agenda sheet in their Home/School Folder each night.  If we have no homework, they will write “None” in the appropriate place on the sheet.  This is the students’ responsibility and I will reinforce that point for the first few weeks.  This is also an excellent place to jot down any notes for me.  If you have any transportation changes, this is a good place to document it.  If your student ‘thinks’ there is a change in transportation, but does not have a note, your child will be instructed to use their usual mode of transportation.  Please make sure to have your student hand me their Home/School folder first thing in the morning if there is something important I should see.


ü Attendance: Please make sure to have your student here on time each and every day.  When possible, schedule appointments after school so as not to miss class instruction.  The goal is no absences or tardies (late check in or early check out).  Again this year, our students are encouraged to be a ‘H.E.R.O.’ (Here. Everyday. Ready. On-time)


ü Open Communication: And finally, please communicate any concerns to me immediately and directly so that we can start working toward a possible solution.






Colleen Watson


[email protected]


Nebo Elementary 3rd grade


(770) 443-8777 Main Line


(770) 445-6465 Fax



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