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Below are the drop off drop dates for all work sent to you by your teachers:


Wednesday, May 13, 2020 from 9:00AM - 11:00AM  *This day is for seniors only.  11th graders will drop off DE books only. 

Thursday, May 14, 2020 9:00AM - 12:00PM *This day is for Kindergarten - 11th Grade.  



Dear Parents and Students,


I am sending weekly emails to your child with a pacing guide for the suggested WB pages below.  I will provide the Notes in an attachment as they are required to complete each section.  Students, please check your LPSB school email account for further details.


Fluency Practice 7th Grade  

 7th Grade Fluency Practice.pdf 

 7th Grade answer key.pdf 


Fluency Practice 8th Grade

 8th Grade Fluency Practice.pdf 

 8th Grade answer key.pdf    



7th Grade Lessons By Date (sent to your email account):


3-18-20  Adding and Subtracting Integers WB pages 370-371

3-23-20 Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers WB pages 374-377 

3-25-20 Subtracting Rational Numbers WB pages 378 - 381

3-30-20 Multiplying Rational Numbers WB pages 382 - 383

4-01-20 Dividing Rational Numbers WB pages 384 - 385

4-06-20 Repeating Decimals WB pages 386 - 389

4-08-20 Distribute and Combine Like Terms WB pages 390 - 393

4-13 and 4-15 Postponed for Easter Break

4-20-20 Solve Two Step Equations WB page 394

4-22-20 Solve Two Step Equations WB page 395

4-27-20 Solve Two Step Equations WB pages 396-397

4-29-20 Solve Two Step Equations WB pages 398-399

5 - 4-20 Solve Two Step Equations WB pages 400-401

5 - 6-20 Solve Two Step Equations WB pages 402 - 403

5 -11-20 Solve Inequalities WB pages 404 -406

5 -13-20 Solve Inequalities WB pages 407 - 409



8th Grade Lessons By Date (sent to your email account):


3-18-20 Square Roots and Cube Roots WB pages 336-339

3-23-20 Estimating Irrational Numbers WB pages 340-343

3-25-20 Converting Repeating Decimals Into Fractions WB pages 344-346

3-30-20 Properties of Exponents WB pages 347 - 352

4-01-20 Properties of Exponents WB pages 353 - 355

4-06-20 Scientific Notation WB pages 356 - 359

4-08-20 Linear Equations (no solution vs infinitely many solutions) WB pages 360 -363

4-13 and 4-15 Postponed for Easter Break

4-20-20 Solve Systems of Equations WB page 364

4-22-20 Solve Systems of Equations WB page 365

4-27-20 Solve Systems of Equations WB pages 366-367

4-29-20 Solve Systems of Equations WB pages 368-369

5 - 4-20 Find Slope Given Two Points WB pages 370 -371

5 - 6-20 Write the Equation of a Line WB pages 372 - 373

5 -11-20 Point Slope Form WB page 374

5 -13-20 Point Slope Form WB page 375




Posted 3-16-20:

Dear Parents and Students,


Regarding the cancellation of classes until April 13th, I am writing to inform you of some fluency practice that your child may complete over the upcoming weeks.  All of the necessary skills (standards) that needed to be covered for the 2020 LEAP test have been taught, and I feel it would be in the best interest of students to spend this down time to review and prepare for our return.  Here are some suggestions listed below:



  • Your child was issued an iReady Homework and Practice Workbook which he/she should have at home.  7th grade students should complete WB pages 369 – 409.  8th grade students should complete WB pages 335 – 375.  Workbooks that were left in the classroom may be picked up at the front office and answers keys will also be available in the front office.  For your convenience, a copy of these pages and answer keys are posted above.


  • Students should start reviewing the Notes posted for the year (see below).  Select a few sets each day to review.    Encourage your child to find additional information on these topics at or



  • If your child has online access, he/she may continue to complete lessons in the last unit on Statistics and Probability in his/her School 21 account.

  • If your child has online access, he/she may continue to work in iReady online program MyPath through his/her Clever Account.



If at any time you need a username or password for any of the above-mentioned websites, please do not hesitate to contact me @  I will be checking my email frequently.



I pray that you and your family are well during this time, and I look forward to seeing you soon!






Dina Davis







1st Quarter



 Relating Fractions, Decimals, and Percents.ppsx  08/14/19


 Graphic Organizer for Real Numbers.ppsx  08/16/19


 Notes Adding Integers.ppsx 08/19/19



 Notes Subtracting Integers.ppsx  08/26/19



 Party in Mathland.ppsx  09/09/19


  Notes Multiplying and Dividing Integers.ppsx   09/09/19



 Notes Relating Fractions, Decimals, Percents.ppsx 09/16/19



 Notes Mult Rational Numbers.ppsx  09/25/19


 Notes Dividing Rational Numbers.ppsx 09/26/19


 Notes Adding and Subtracting with Unlike Denominators.ppsx 09/30/19




2nd Quarter


 Notes Ratios, Rates, and Unit Rates.ppsx 10/14/19



 Notes Solving Proportions.ppsx    10/16/19



 Notes Proportional Relationships.ppsx 10/21/19



 Notes Solving One Step Equations.ppsx  10/30/19


 Notes Finding Percents(2).ppsx  11/04/19


 Notes Finding a Number When the Percent is Known.ppsx  11/05/19 


 Notes Percent Increase and Decrease.ppsx 11/11/19


 Notes Applications of Percents.ppsx 11/18/19


 Simple Interest.ppsx  11/19/19


 Solving Two-Step Equations.ppsx 12/2/19


 Notes Combining Like Terms.ppsx  12/4/19


 Notes Solving Simple Inequalities.ppsx 01/08/20




3rd Quarter


 Notes Solving Inequalities Containing Integers.ppsx 01/13/20


 Notes Points, Planes and Angles.ppsx  01/21/20 



 Notes Determining Triangles.ppsx 01/27/20


 Notes Perimeter and Area of Rectangles and Parallelograms.ppsx 


 Notes Perimeter and Area of Triangles.ppsx 


 Notes Circles.ppsx  02/17/20


 Notes Scale Drawings.ppsx  02/19/20


 Notes Volume of Prisms and Cylinders 7th.ppsx 02/26/20



   Notes Surface Area of Prisms and Pyramids.ppsx   02/27/20


 Notes Sample and Surveys(2).ppsx  03/02/20


 Notes Central Tendency.ppsx   03/05/20


 Notes Dot Plots.ppsx  03/05/20 


 Notes Variability (Box and Whiskers Plot).ppsx 03/06/20  


 Notes Mean Deviation.ppsx 03/09/20


 Notes Probability.ppsx 03/12/20


 Notes Experimental Probability.ppsx  03/13/20





4th Quarter









 LESSON NOTES 8TH GRADE (2019 - 2020)


1st Quarter 




 Notes Properties of Exponents.ppsx  08/14/19




 Notes Integer Exponent.ppsx  08/19/19 and 08/20/19



 Notes Squares and Square Roots.ppsx  08/26/19



 Convert Repeating Decimals - Copy.docx 09/04/19



 Graphic Organizer for Real Numbers.ppsx  09/09/19



 Notes The Real Numbers.ppsx  09/09/19




Notes Estimating Square Roots.ppsx 09/10/19 



 Notes Scientific Notation(2).ppsx 09/16/19



 Notes Operating with Scientific Notation.ppsx 09/19/19


 Operating with SN (Addition and Subtraction).ppsx 09/26/19


 Notes Functions.ppsx 09/30/19


 Notes Function Notation.ppsx





2nd Quarter


 Notes Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides.ppsx 


 Notes Solving Multistep Equations (Clear Fractions).ppsx 


 Solving for a Variable.ppsx 


 Graphing Linear Equations.ppsx  10/15/19


 Notes Slope of a Line.ppsx  10/18/10


 Notes Using Slope-Intercept Form.ppsx 10/22/19



Practice Graphing Lines Using Slope-Intercept Form  10/24/19


 Writing the Equation of a Line .ppsx  10/30/19 



 Notes Solving Systems of Linear Equations by Graphing.ppsx 11/18/19


 Notes Systems of Equations (Substitution).ppsx 12/2/19


 Solving Systems of Equations (Elimination Method).ppsx 12/4/19


3rd Quarter


 Notes Transformations.ppsx  01/08/20 


 Similar Figures and Scale Factors.ppsx  01/13/20


Notes Dilations.ppsx   01/13/20


Notes Parallel and Perpendicular Lines.ppsx  01/21/20


 Notes Triangles.ppsx 01/27/20


 Notes Pythagorean Theorem.ppsx 02/03/20




 Notes Applying the Pythagorean Theorem and Its Converse.ppsx  02/13/20


 Notes Volume of Prisms and Cylinders.ppsx  02/26/20


 Notes Volume of Pyramids Cones and Spheres.ppsx 02/26/20


 Notes Scatterplots.ppsx 03/09/20


 Notes Two-Way Tables.ppsx 03/17/20






4th Quarter







Welcome Back, Wolves!!!!






Dear Parent(s),




I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to our math class and to extend a brief overview of my academic expectations.




Math is a course of instruction that is dependent on prior knowledge and accentuated by practice and application until mastery is obtained. Due to this unique process, it is inherent that ample practice be obtained by all students.  Assignments are given often in order to provide opportunities to build thought processes and skills. I encourage and teach students to reach their highest potential.  Your child will be completing assignments which promote critical thinking skills (higher-order thinking). Practices and experiences writing to explain the conceptual meanings of the math problems solved will help to ensure your child's success on the LEAP test which will be administered in April.  I encourage you to visit my class website at OnCourse regularly in order to obtain information regarding any upcoming quizzes/tests, our most recent classroom notes, and our homework assignments. Students should not wait until the night before a quiz or test to cram in study time; this should be accomplished on a continual, on-going basis. 


  • Students should establish a good routine and quiet place in order to study and complete home assignments.



  •  All classroom notes are found on my website in Microsoft Office Power Point files.  Your child will have a hard copy of these notes which should be kept in a math folder and used for daily review.  Notes will be counted as a grade. 


  •  Homework assignments are updated daily on my website before I leave the classroom each afternoon.  All homework problems should be completed neatly.  Encourage your child to highlight any problems which were unclear in order to be ready to address these at the beginning of the class the following day.    




Numerous handouts have been given to my homeroom students.  I respectfully request that you read these carefully with your child.  Please sign and return necessary forms as soon as possible.




I am looking forward to working with you and your child this year!






Tests/ Quizzes    (90%)                      Includes:  Lesson Quizzes, Cumulative chapter/unit tests, Major projects/presentations    




Classwork/Participation  (10%)        Includes:  Classwork, homework, online assignments (any task done with ongoing feedback or assistance)

                                                             Rubric for Scoring Classwork.docx  










                        3-prong binder with section dedicated to Math/Enrichment classes only


                        Pens and Highlighters


                        Pencils with Erasers


                        Loose leaf (in a binder or a folder)






Makeup Work Policy


                        Each student will be responsible for their own makeup work.  Students should refer to the hanging file folders for missing assignments/tests/quizzes/notes/worksheets.  If a student fails to complete an assignment in class (Quiz or Test), he/she will be given time in MARC to complete the assignment upon his/her return.  All other work will be completed during the student’s personal time.







Your child has an online account in School 21. This program focuses on enabling students to successfully develop mathematical reasoning.  Your child should have a sheet labeled School 21 in his/her binder containing individual usernames and passwords.  This website is accessible from home, and your child may use it any time for additional, differentiated practice.






Help your child to master multiplication and division facts!  Relfex math is a fun and full of games that help students quickly gain math fact fluency and confidence.  Students were given a letter for parents in order to facilitate progress monitoring.  Have fun dressing up your avatars!  If your child misplaced his/her username or password, email me!!!   Click here to go directly to REFLEX MATH.





Homework assignments are posted on this website. Work all problems neatly.  Highlight any problems for which you have questions and be ready to address these in class. Don't wait until the night before a quiz or test to cram in study time; this should be accomplished on a continual, on-going basis. Establish a good routine and quiet place in order to study and complete your home assignments.