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When you are absent:


1) Check HW Portal and Google Classroom to see if you can complete the HW.

2) Email me to see if there is anything you need to make up.

3) Visit the rainbow file for any classroom handouts

4) Make up work in a timely manner

5) Be sure that you hand in all work, I will not chase after you for assignments that were due on a day you were absent or if you had an extension.


When you can't do or forget to do HW:


1) Hand in the next day for half credit, unless the answers are reviewed in class, then you may not recieve any credit.

2) If you had a reason why HW can't be done, bring in a note from a parent/guardian or have a parent/guardian send an email.

3) Late projects will lose the equivalent of one letter grade for every day that it is late and a letter grade and a half for anything due Friday and handed in on Monday.